Sunday, January 6, 2013

This is so exciting!

Hello everyone!

I've been steadily working to make some great changes to the website. Each and every page will have a Google-powered search engine at the top. It is unique to, so when you search for something such as "migrant" you will only get results for that word on our website. This is so exciting!

The bottom menu (the "footer") will be updated as well. There will be links to some good information down there, such as sources for more reading, and some news about translations on the website.

Today I learned how to wrap text around a picture. You'll be able to see it here when it's done and uploaded... but that won't be for a few hours. I'm going to upload all the changes in bulk. That alone will be a tedious process. :-)

After all of the updating to existing pages, I prepared myself to start creating more pages. This includes adding links for the new pages to little submenus located on other pages. I decided to take a little break, get some hot coffee (it's cold in here!), and then update the blog for everyone.

OK... well... I guess I'll get back to the grind!

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