Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today's updates

Some great things have happened this weekend! First off, I found a software program that lets me easily watermark photos by the hundreds! That saves me a lot of time, because I had been watermarking each photograph one at a time. Because I found this, I was able to get a lot of photos uploaded into slideshows! Here's one of some lovely old photographs:

I also figured out how to put a Google search bar on the website. That will be showing up soon, after Miguel and I decide on the location for each page. It will make finding things on the website a lot easier. With 40+ pages it is easy to get lost.

I have added some "jump menus" to a few pages, and I'm sure most of them will wind up with jump menus eventually. You can see an example of this on the Poco de Todo page. It's the little drop-down menu in the upper right corner. These menus are designed to help you easily navigate between various articles/information that are part of that specific window. For example, the Poco de Todo window/page has things to offer such as an Asherton Letter, or the June 2012 Reunion Announcement. These can be found in the drop-down menu, and they all link to each other as well.

Please, if you try out the menu and it's not working, let me know here ASAP.

I got to see the website on my mom's laptop and I found that most of the scroll areas (such as on the Music page) are still longer than a typical browser window! That makes it a little weird. So, I am making those a little shorter. I have also added a border to a few (and will likely do that for all of them) so they are better recognized as scrolling windows. I would hate for anyone to miss out on this fascinating information simply because they didn't know they could scroll!

I've gotten several videos uploaded to YouTube. These will eventually make their way to the website for all to enjoy! Here's one you can enjoy right now. (It will eventually be posted to the Music page.)

I hope you're all enjoying watching the development of the website. It is evolving quite nicely and I am really enjoying myself. Please feel free to give tips or suggestions if you have them! 

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