Monday, November 12, 2012

Neverending Weekend! it over yet??

Well here we are, 9:00 pm on Monday night. I only had to work until 1:00 pm today (yes, I have a day job!) and spent the rest of the day doing---you guessed it---web design. Holy cow, folks, I got a lot accomplished this weekend!

If you point your browser to the Cultura page you will see another menu available to you. There is the main page with a lovely article written by Miguel, and then there are links to things such as FaithMusicSlideshows, and Maintaining Our Identity.

The slideshow program I used before isn't working out. I submitted a support ticket and they told me I'm not allowed to embed a slideshow the way I want to. So... plan B C D E F G. (Did I mention I have invested several hours into figuring out this slideshow issue? Ugh!)

Well... Thanks to Flickr I now have working slideshows! They are pretty great, too! And there are awesome privacy settings that would make Miguel's heart smile. :-)

Updated pages include.... most of them. Go check it out! I'm sure I'll be doing more website work throughout the week, but I imagine the bulk of the progress will come next weekend.

See you then!

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